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ATOP provide the most cost effective optical solution for global telecom runners and DCN operators. We are fighting to improve the way how networks connect via the advanced technology and vertical resources integrations.

ATOP 400G QSFP-DD, 100G QSFP28 , 25G SFP28 optical transceivers along with the full range DAC and AOC solutions offers a significate personality of low power and high level compatibility for DCN,Switch,Router and data connections.

ATOP provide 155M~100G optical solutions for transmission network application. Our products meet the critical compliance test and all meet industrial level operation environment. They also have an outstanding EMI prevent design to fulfill the higher density trend.

ATOP CPRI transceivers covers 4G and 5G application and other wireless applications. We fully understand the debate and different network structures globally and provide a full solution among front haul, mid haul and back haul transceiver products. All products meet industrial level operation environment.

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Developing the right optical solutions, manufacturing and not at least selling them demands complex processes. With a lot of people and interests and demands involved.

At ATOP we are good at coping with complexity. Good at understanding the different internal agendas, good at talking to people and making sure that all interested parties succeed. We have a special approach to clients and partnering. A different attitude so to speak. We constantly strive to make life easier for our clients by simplifying things. Creating a simpler product structure, making us easier to perceive and do business with. It’s all based of course on products produced by some of the highest standards on the market. 

We’d love to prove that you – face to face. Give us a call, and we will arrange a meeting.

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