ATOP 25G CWDM Optical Module Created a New Shipment Amount Height

With the rapid development of 5G network construction all over the world, the demand of optical modules applied for 5G fronthaul network has seen explosive growth. CWDM (Coarse wavelength division multiplexing) technology is with low cost, low power consumption, high flexibility and expandability, which is able to save abundant optical fiber resources for base station and is one of the essential solutions for 5G fronthaul. In the first quarter of 2020, ATOP overcame the influence brought by COVID-19, and successfully shipped 10,000 sets (60,000 pcs) 25G CWDM (wavelength 1270nm ~ 1370nm) products to our customers. Up to now, the capacity of ATOP 25G CWDM (wavelength 1270nm ~ 1370nm) products is about 4,000 sets (24,000 pcs) per month.

To expand its own market territory of 5G series optical modules, ATOP has invested tons of funds on high data rate series products expansion project in order to strengthen the mass shipment capacity of high data rate series products this year. Meanwhile, ATOP has completed the bid for production facilities, including oscilloscopes and matched modules, spectrographs, high-low temperature chambers, aging ovens, etc. The project is under construction and the capacity of 25G CWDM products is able to achieve 12,000 sets (72,000 pcs) in May and achieve 30,000 sets (180,000 pcs) in June.

ATOP 25G CWDM (wavelength 1270nm ~ 1370nm) optical modules adopts standard SFP28 packaging form and the device solution is DFB+PIN. The transmission rate can reach up to 25.78Gbps and the wavelength range is from 1270nm to 1370nm. The operating temperature range can support both commercial and industrial level. The maximum power consumption of I-temp product is 1.5w and as for C-temp product is 1w. The transmission distance can support 10km and 20km. The product can be applied for 5G fronthaul. At the same time, 25G CWDM (wavelength 1470nm ~1570nm ), 25G BIDI and 25G LR products have already achieved mass production in 2019.   

We take “let’s make it personal” as our company slogan for we strive to meet the demands of our clients and create the perfect solutions for our customers. Meanwhile, ATOP will continue to give full play to its own technology advantages, improve supply chain system and intensify the RD and production to improve the core competitiveness of company. Furthermore, we are looking forward to collaborate with our customers and seize the indispensable opportunity for 5G development to ensure all interested parties a great success. 

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