ATOP 25G DWDM Transceivers Realized Overseas Batch Delivery

According to the latest GSMA report, by the end of May, 2020, 42 countries and regions have launched 81 commercial 5G network all over the world. 386 telecom operators from 97 countries and regions have announced the investment on 5G construction. As an international transceiver manufacturer, on the one hand, ATOP is deepening domestic 5G business and conducts in-depth exchanges and cooperation with major domestic operators. And on the other hand, we are keeping focusing on overseas 5G market trend and actively responding to our customers’ requirements for 5G products. Through the efforts, the 25G DWDM transceiver series independently developed and produced by ATOP has successfully achieved mass supply to some major overseas operators. Moreover, the products have also passed the verification test by a well-known domestic equipment manufacturer.

ATOP 25G DWDM transceivers adopt standard SFP28 package form with the EML PIN/APD solution. The transmission rate can be up to 25.78Gbps and the channel supports 21~60. The maximum power of transceiver is 2.3w, transmission distance supports 10km / 15km, operating temperature supports commercial, extended and industrial grade. It is applied to the fronthaul in 5G network architecture, which is able to save massive optical fiber resources and reduce operation and maintenance costs. However, due to the influence of dispersion, it is difficult for 25G DWDM transceivers to ensure that the transmission distance supports over 15km. To overcome this problem, ATOP is cooperating with chip manufacturers to compensate for the dispersion in the transmission process, so that the transmission distance of the optical module can be up to 30km. The product is in R&D stage currently.

ATOP has always been committed to the development and design of DWDM series products. With years of technology and production experience, and the help of excellent industry chain vertical integration capabilities and optical device packaging capabilities, ATOP now has a mature and stable DWDM product chain, among which 1.25G/2.5G/10G DWDM series products have shipped more than 100k pcs in the past two years, and the sales records are still constantly refreshing.

In the future, ATOP will work with customers at home and abroad to seize new market opportunities and write a new chapter in global 5G construction !

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