Blueprint was Approved - ATOP Will Vigorously Promote the Construction of Project Phase II

The total investment of ATOP corporation’s project phase 2 is about 400 million yuan. The project will focus on the expansion of 100G~400G transceiver series to serve 5G and data centers better. The total area of the project is 24,598.38 ㎡(about 6.08 acres), the total planned construction area is 82234.46㎡. The project is planned to be completed in 2 years.

The latest data released by Synergy (a market research company) shows that in the past two years, totally 111 new super-large data centers have been built, 52 of which were built in 2020 – a year when the Covid-19 is spreading globally. Meanwhile, as of 2020, China has built 700,000 5G base stations, and plans to build 600,000 5G base stations in 2021. The market demand for 100G~400G transceivers will also grow rapidly in this context.

Data center and Ethernet have a strong momentum of development. ATOP’s project will combine silicon photonic packaging technology to expand the production line of 100G~400G high-speed optical modules, and develop 5G new infrastructure to boost data center network expansion.

ATOP corporation was established in 2010 in China’s science and technology city – Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. ATOP dedicated to the R&D and production as well as sales of optical modules and devices. Our products cover 5G communications, data centers, wireless networks, data transmission, etc. ATOP is a national high-tech enterprise with independent R&D capabilities and large-scale mass production capabilities in multiple application fields. ATOP currently has 155M~400G series optical transceiver modules, optical components, etc. Our 100G, 200G, and 400G series high-speed modules are mass-produced products with our core technology. We’re committed to providing users with a full range of high-reliability intelligent optical fiber solutions. ATOP’s technology has obtained a number of patent certifications.

In October 2019, ATOP corporation and Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd. reached an M&A agreement. Relying on the powerful platform of Shenzhen SDG, ATOP integrates resources and grows to be more systematic and professional, so as to provide customers with high-quality and comprehensive products and services!

At present, the blueprint of this project was approved, and ATOP will make every effort to promote the implementation of the project, enhance the R&D and production capacity of high-speed products, provide solutions for the construction of 5G new infrastructure, and strive to accelerate the development of optical communications.

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