ATOP Lauched 25G LWDM and 25G MWDM Transceivers

China Telecom Research Institute recently has organized the first comprehensive testing of 5G fronthaul LWDM solution. The testing objects include 25G LWDM transceivers and optical MUX-DEMUX and the testing contents include conventional performance tests and extreme high and low temperature tests for industrial-grade temperature application environments (-40°C to +85°C).

In the testing, ATOP 25G LWDM transceivers combined with SDGI optical MUX-DEMUX have passed all index tests with excellent performance under various extreme conditions including high and low extreme temperature operation, -40℃~+85℃ temperature cycle, +85℃ and 85% humidity storage, -40℃ storage. Furthermore, in the limit transmission distance verification testing, after pairing with the network, the transceivers realized no error code within 24h in the 40km transmission system, which showed the obvious performance advantage of the transceivers.

ATOP 25G LWDM transceiver adopts standard SFP28 packaging form with DFB( with TEC )/PIN solution. The transmission rate can reach up to 25.78Gbps and the wavelength can support 12 channels (1269.23nm~1318.35nm) of O-band. The operating temperature range can support both commercial and industrial level, and transmission distance supports 10km (40km maximally). At present, ATOP 25G LWDM has been in mass production, which is able to provide an integrated solution combined with SDGI optical MUX-DEMUX and meet the customer’s batch demand. Welcome to contact us.

Meanwhile, ATOP has launched 25G SFP28 MWDM 12 channels transceiver with DFB(with TEC) laser which satisfies industrial-level scene applications. The optical power is 0~6dBm, the transmitter sensitivity is -14dBm and the maximum power consumption is <2w. The transmission distance supports 10km. The transceiver combines the optical layer topping adjustment technology to implement the OAM mechanism with the capabilities of flexible deployment, fault location, and optical layer protection . It can effectively improve the efficiency of network management and maintenance, and is suitable for the 5G Open-WDM/MWDM semi-active fronthaul solution proposed by China Mobile. At present, this product is available for demo requirement. Welcome to contact us.

Nowadays, 5G leads China’s  New Capital Construction. ATOP will seize the market opportunity, accurately determine the market vane, make suitable product planning, continuously perfect the industrial chain of 5G series products, and further strengthen R&D and productivity of 5G series products, continuously lead the innovation of 5G fronthaul technology and help accelerate the implementation of new 5G infrastructure actively.

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