ATOP 50G QSFP28 ER transceiver won the 2020 CFCF Product Innovation Award

On July 30-31, the 2020 CFCF ended in Qingyuan, Guangdong. The conference attracted more than 100 companies from the entire optical communication industry chain and nearly 1,000 people participated. At the same time, the conference held the 1st 2020 Most Influential Optical Communication Products award ceremony. Among them, ATOP 50G QSFP28 ER transceiver won the 2020 Product Innovation Award.

ATOP won the Product Innovation Award

ATOP 50G QSFP28 ER optical module is the main solution for backhaul construction in 5G. The product adopts the standard QSFP28 package form and applies PAM4 modulation technology. The device solution is EML + APD. The transmission rate can reach up to 53.125Gbps and the transmission distance is 40km. The product can support commercial-grade operating temperature.

ATOP 50G QSFP28 ER Transceiver

Meanwhile, David Yuan, director of ATOP product marketing department, delivered a wonderful speech titled Challenges of Optical Modules in the 5G Era at the conference. In the speech, Mr. Yuan analyzed the demand and market share of transceivers in the 5G era from multiple perspectives such as opportunities for transceivers in the 5G market and challenges of optical modules in the 5G market. Mr. Yuan said that even though the development of transceivers is faced with many problems and challenges such as fierce market competition, high R&D investment, and high stocking costs, ATOP is ready for 5G series products and will combine our own technical advantages and product features to provide more solutions for 5G construction.


Mr. Yuan in speech

The 2020 CFCF awarded ATOP products with this award, which is a commendation and affirmation of our R&D technological innovation. With the vigorous development of global 5G and domestic new infrastructure, ATOP will further increase R&D investment and productivity, provide more products and solutions for 5G construction, continue to lead 5G technological innovation, and actively contribute to the landing acceleration of 5G new infrastructure.

ATOP team at 2020 CFCF

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